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About the brand WheeMe


DreamBots Ltd. (2008) is leading new, innovative low cost technology for the personal robotics market (Gift, Toys, etc.) with unique innovations and technology. With DreamsBots experienced and expert team, global distributors, retailers and OEM serving the gift's, toys, health & beauty, personal wellness, novelties and gadgets - markets can purchase F.O.B or design and manufacture their own innovative products and complementary applications. DreamBots global B2B sales initiatives now target leading Retailers, e-retailers, OEM companies - multinational equipment manufacturers, distributors and other wholesale buyers whose sales and services are based on customized products and volume sales. The Company's approved patented technology is recognized worldwide and specifically in the USA, Across major EU, China, Japan, India, Russia and Brazil.

The increasing demand for smart products that offer the natural feeling of caressing, relaxation, falling asleep and even just tickling have brought DreamBots to become the first company that has developed a commercial solution that customers just love to buy and use daily.

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