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Classé is a leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality components for home theaters and professional recording studios. Since building our first amplifier in 1980, our passion and dedication has inspired our research and development of custom and uncompromising electronics.

Classé components are designed by specialists in a variety of fields, including analog and digital audio and video electronics, software and mechanical engineering, and industrial design. Our products are designed for music and film lovers who appreciate beauty and elegance. Our goals can be summed up in one word: fidelity. We strive for ease of use and distinctive design in all Classé products.

At Classé, we use both automated and manual assembly techniques. We maintain high quality by monitoring every step of the production process and by performing inspection and testing phases. Premium components, often custom-made for Classé, enhance the performance and reliability of our components. We are proud to build such technically advanced equipment and to have customers who appreciate it.Classe is owned by Masimo Consumer.

Masimo Consumer is a newly formed division within Masimo, the most innovative remote patient monitoring company in the world. This division oversees the consumer audio business (formerly called Sound United) and Masimo's expansion into consumer health. Masimo Consumer strives to improve lives through consumer centric innovations.

One of the world’s largest portfolio audio companies, Masimo Consumer Audio is home to eight legendary audio brands: Bowers & Wilkins®, Denon®, Polk Audio®, Marantz®, Definitive Technology®, Classé®, and Boston Acoustics®. Each brand boasts its own philosophy and unique approach to bringing sound and home entertainment to life. With over 300 years of innovative audio and home solution expertise, Masimo Consumer Audio improves lives by creating distinct and immersive listening experiences for a wide range of consumers in more than 130 countries. To learn more about Masimo Consumer Audio and its brands, visit