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French brand, NorStone is specialized in the design and manufacture of numerous accessories for hi-fi and home cinema. NorStone has a very nice line of furniture and stands. Designed in France, NorStone products are characterized by a high level of quality and an attractive price.

The brand's audio and video furniture use quality materials (brushed alloys, tempered glass, wood) and most often integrates a cable management system, for a discreet and elegant installation of electronics. NorStone audio video cables comply with the latest standards and are manufactured with premium conductors and connectors: important for the proper transmission of, for example, 1080p 3D and UHD 4K video signals over long distances.

In an age where the home, the house, the hearth is the focus of everyone's interest, interior design is becoming an omnipresent concern shared by the majority. Objects, furniture, textures, colors... So many details that surround us and to which we pay particular attention, since they contribute to our well-being. NorStone combines practicality and aesthetics by offering a collection of contemporary designed hi-fi and home cinema furniture and accessories, using materials specifically designed to ensure the perfect functioning of your audio and video equipment. Whether it's a vinyl turntable, a flat screen, a tube amplifier or a speaker stand, NorStone offers effective solutions without breaking the bank.

NorStone is a leading brand in hi-fi and home cinema, whose products are consistently high quality.