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Established in 2006, Q Acoustics has been a success right from the start. Its first products, the ‘1000 Series’ shook up the UK loudspeaker industry, received unprecedented praise from reviewers worldwide and scooped prestigious Awards. More Awards followed with the release of the upgraded ‘1000i Series’, but not satisfied with merely designing truly remarkable conventional loudspeakers, Q Acoustics’ design team introduced ‘Q AV’ the world’s first speakers to feature ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units, enabling for the first time, the whole family to hear perfect home cinema sound, wherever they sat within the room. They impressed ‘The Sunday Times’ so much they said: “Some day all speaker systems will be like this” (January 2008).

Now Q Acoustics introduces the new Q2000 and ‘Q-TV2’. Q2000 is an outstanding range of loudspeakers offering both breathtaking sonic performance and elegant contemporary design, at an astonishingly affordable price. Q-TV2 is an innovative, technically advanced solution which enhances your complete enjoyment of TV, movies and music in your home, without intruding into your living space.