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Smart solutions for image and sound

The Dutch company Marmitek has been manufacturing consumer solutions since 1997, making image and sound available and enabling users to operate equipment anywhere in and around the home.

Marmitek has the smartest products to make existing and new equipment work well together in the home. In addition, we have some great accessories to create more possibilities without having to replace existing equipment. Get inspired by us.

Product categories

We have 4 product groups that enable you to create more possibilities with your existing and new equipment:

  • Audio
  • TV & Video
  • Connect
  • Operate

Wireless or wired, in your living room or loft, analogue or digital, a total package suitable for your situation and circumstances. Our solutions are useful or fun and they help to keep your interior tidy by enabling you to hide equipment and cables from sight.

A bit more specific

You probably already have a vast range of audio-visual devices in your home, to enjoy image and sound anywhere. A smartphone, amplifier, media player, decoder or game console, and maybe even some of the good old stuff such as a record player, hard disk recorder or DVD player. If you keep up with new developments, you will sometimes buy replacement equipment or expand your set-up. Before you know it, the purchase of new equipment forces you to say goodbye to other devices because they do not work well together.

We can make more possible with existing equipment, for example:

  • Place a TV in another room than where your decoder is located.
  • Being able to operate equipment in an enclosed TV cabinet anyway.
  • Spotify over your stereo system.

Bridging the gap between existing and new

Marmitek bridges the gap and contributes to the overall solution if there is a challenge to achieve the desired situation throughout your home. On our website, we hope to give you all the information you need to be able to take the next step in home entertainment.